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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Magnum Research SP-21

I received a post requesting more information on the The "Barak" ("Lightning" in Hebrew) pistol.  After some research, the Barak was developed by the IMI (Israel Military Industries, now IWI - Israeli Weapon Industries Ltd). Originally intended as a military pistol for Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), the "Barak" was supposed to replace the older Jericho &  Glock pistols. So far the future of "Barak" as an IDF service pistol is uncertain, and in the meanwhile IMI decided to bring this pistol to international market. It became available in Europe early in 2003, and in USA by the late 2003. In Europe it is still known as "Barak", and in USA it is known as Magnum Research SP-21. (source:world/guns/ru)

The SP-21 is based on the later High Power (HP) design that replaced the rotating link with an integral ramp that cams the breech down when the barrel/slide recoil. Also, it sports dual recoil springs which have their own guide rods and they're captive springs. The handgun is available in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP with a capacity of 10 rounds for the .40 and .45 and 15 for the 9mm. Each pistol is supplied with a pair of magazines and they're attractively packaged in a black plastic box along with the instruction manual, trigger lock key, a pair of cleaning brushes and, of course, a fired case.

Firing the gun results in combat accuracy, basically you'll hit the target but not be really percise in the results.  There isn't much press regarding the SP-21 so prolonged track record and endurance of the weapon are questionable. The MSRP is $499 but in store prices will be lower. 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Upcoming Articles

Upcoming write-ups...

New Review on the Kel-Tec PMR-30.
A 22 with a boatload of ammo!

If you have any handguns you would like for me to research, just send me a comment!!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Glock 22 RTS2 Pistol (Rough Textured Frame version #2)

The new Rough Textured Frame design has more than 4,000 raised pyramids on the front, rear and sides of the polymer receiver. The raised pyramids are also located on the thumb rests for increased grip traction. In addition, the slide on the G22 RTF2 has a new, modern look with crescent shaped serrations located at the rear of the slide.

According to Glock, several major agencies commit to the G22 RTF2 .40 ACP and have had an outpour of interest from the Commercial and Law Enforcement distributors about ther new product. The texture on the pistol allows for a great shooting grip. The serrations on the slide also allow for easier slide operation because it is more ergonomically correct.

Depending upon feedback, the company may continue the modifications to the popular G17 (9mm), and then to other Glock models. Personally, its a step forward. Glock is a company that firmly believes that if its not broken why fix it. So, the changes they have made in the past, present, and into the future, will always be minor but in the same way, significant. Keep on shootin!

Length: 7.32
Barrel: 4.49
Magazine 15/17
Weight: 22.9 oz.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CZ 75

The CZ 75 is a semi-automatic pistol made in the Czech Republic and originally introduced in 1975 by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod (CZUB) in caliber 9 mm . Starting in the late 80s, all CZ 75s are now made with firing pin blocks, designated by the letter B (as in CZ 75B). Unlike most other semi-auto pistols, the slide rides inside the frame rails rather than outside (similar to the SIG P210). This provides a very tight slide-to-frame fit, very good barrel lock-up and contributes to good accuracy. The CZ-75 was also one of the first high capacity 9mm pistols that had a manual safety. This allows the CZ-75 to be carried with the hammer back, ready for use just by switching the safety off, a configuration known as condition one. It is unusual for 9mm pistols to have a manual safety, most of them having safety-decocker combos.

The pistol is considered very reliable, accurate, and affordable. Many people I’ve talked with never heard of the CZ. Considering its been in the market since 1975, is one of the original wonder nines featuring a high-capacity double-column magazine, and a great addition to one’s collection – I’m quite surprised!

The CZ 75 has been copied and improved by other manufacturers. The most popular copies include: IMI (Jericho-941, Israel), Tanfoglio (TZ-75, TZ-90, T-95, Italy), Sarsilmaz (M2000, Turkey), ITM (AT-88, Swiss), Sphinx (mod.2000, Swiss), Norinco (NZ-75, China), Springfield (P9, USA).

There are many varieants of the 75

CZ 75 - the original CZ 75
CZ 75B - second-generation CZ 75 with internal firing pin safety.
CZ 85 - a completely ambidextrous CZ 75 variant.
CZ 85B - second-generation version of the CZ 75B.
CZ 75 Compact
CZ 75 D PČR (Policie České republiky; The Czech state police) Compact - Very compact - similar to the P-01 in size, but lacks an M3 rail frame and features a smaller muzzle point and snag free sights. A popular choice for a carry weapon, known for its inherent accuracy and weight distribution.
CZ 75B SA - a CZ 75 which has a single action trigger mechanism and a drop free magazine.
CZ 75 P-01 - a CZ 75 Compact variant intended for law enforcement use, with an aluminum alloy frame, decocker and under-barrel accessory rail. It is the new weapon of choice for the Czech National Police. It is one of the few (if not only) NATO classified handguns that is available to the public without modifications. It received NATO certification after undergoing extensive testing.
CZ 75 SP-01/SP-01 Tactical - similar to the P-01 with accessory rail, but with all-steel construction and utilizing the full-size frame and slide as well as incorporating extended-capacity 19 round magazines. It is available with an ambidextrous manual safety (SP-01) or with an ambidextrous decocker (SP-01 Tactical
CZ 75 Standard IPSC - A CZ 75 variant designed specifically for IPSC competition with extended grip, single-action trigger, heavy-duty free-falling magazines, and an enlarged magazine well. Now replaced by the CZ 75 Tactical Sport.
CZ 75 Champion - A competition version designed for Open Class IPSC competition, with three port compensator, adjustable trigger, extended magazine release, ambidextrous safeties, fully adjustable sights and two-tone finish, with blued slide and satin nickel frame.
CZ 2075 RAMI - A subcompact version of the CZ 75 intended for concealed carry.
CZ 75BD - A variant of the now-common CZ 75B with a decocker replacing the traditional manual safety. (D stands for Decocker). This variant is quickly becoming the most common of the CZ 75B models, due to the additional safety the Decocker safety provides.
CZ 75 Kadet - A .22 LR calibre version of the CZ 75, available as a complete gun or as a slide/barrel assembly and magazine kit to fit onto a standard CZ 75B frame.
CZ 75 Automatic - A selective-fire variant introduced in 1992 intended for law enforcement and military use. One distinguishing characteristic of earlier models is its longer compensated barrel although later models may have a standard barrel. An extra magazine can be attached to the front to act as a makeshift foregrip.


Friday, May 16, 2008

FN FNP-45 Autoloading Pistol

For many there is only one pistol caliber worthy of serious consideration, and that’s the 45 ACP. Over nearly a century this chambering has provided rugged reliability and exceptional accuracy with proven big-bore “stopping power”. The new FN FNP-45 utilizes traditional double-action/single action (DA/SA) operation and offers operators all the features they’ve come to rely on like a high-capacity, ergonomic polymer frame with interchangeable backstrap inserts (flat or arched), accessory rail, ambidextrous frame-mounted decocking levers and magazine release.

The matte black stainless steel slide carries the Melonite® process for added durability, and the FNP-45 is also available in a matte silver stainless slide model. The FNP-45 uses a precision hammer-forged barrel for enhanced accuracy and long service life and offers a loaded chamber indicator on the external extractor. Accuracy results were very good as observed through Guns & Ammo and GunBlast - sub 2" groups at 25 yards.

A variety of fixed standard and night sights are available. All FNP-45s come complete with three 10- or 14-round magazines and a lockable hard case. With the 14 round mags, the FNP 45 is the highest capacity 45 in the market.

The FNP-45 will be available in DA/SA, SAO, DAO, and pre-loaded striker fired like Glocks and M&Ps. For those that don't want a striker fired .45, this is a good option.

According to FNH USA, the FNP line of pistols is the only polymer-framed autoloading pistol on the market (as of its introduction) with fully replaceable frame rails; this allows the pistol to be rebuilt after extensive firing, thereby extending service life.

The FNP-45 is made to withstand the expected standards of the new selection process of the miltary. According to past SOCOM requirements, the service standard was 30,000 rounds of +P .45 ACP. As a result, all likely candidates will be big guns, which means more durable and have softer felt recoil.

The FNP-45 is big and a little boxy so CCW is out of the question. This was made for the military so there is no hiding this piece. The beefy frame and slide give the handgun better control and like I said before less felt recoil.

Main competitors: XD45, Glock 21, S&W M&P, Beretta Storm 45

Barrel length: 4 1/2",
Overall length: 7 7/8"
Weight: 33.2 oz.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Ruger LCP

Source: GunBlast, Ruger Inc. - Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. has entered a major new market usually dominated by Kel-Tec, Bersa, and NAA. The new LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol), is a .380 autoloader that is an ultra-light, compact carry pistol. The LCP is the newest addition to the Ruger Hard-R™ line of products, and shows that the company has listened to the customer demand for a reliable, light, concealable defensive weapon.

The Ruger LCP is a .380 Auto pistol incorporates state-of-the-art polymers, aircraft quality aluminum alloys and high-grade precision steel components engineered for strength and maximum weight savings. The frame is made from a high performance glass filled nylon, which probably accounts for is light weight.

The 9.4 ounce LCP pistol has a capacity of 6 + 1 rounds of .380 Auto. With a height of only 3.6 inches and a width of .82 inches. The high-performance, glass-filled nylon frame is topped by a through hardened blued slide. The Ruger LCP features a 2.75 inch barrel and an overall length of 5.16 inches. Trigger pull is between 6 to 8 lbs, which creates a passive safety in stressful situations. You don’t want to have a sensitive trigger and have the gun go off accidentally.

The LCP functions on a locked-breech system instead of the blowback principle, and as a result, the gun is lighter in weight and does not have an excessively heavy recoil spring. The LCP uses a dual-spring system on a steel guide rod.

There has been some negative press regarding the LCP. Most of which state the LCP is a direct copy of the Kel-Tec P-3AT. When comparing the two, the Ruger is more polished, and there are some slight internal differences between the two. They both use a similar tension spring for the lightweight hammer, identical locked breech mechanism, and similar takedown method.. The main differences are the Glock style extractor, recoil spring, and the incorporation of an external slide stop.

Each LCP comes with a soft case, instruction manual, external locking device and one magazine.

So far, the range reports on some gun boards, DownRange TV, and GunBlast have been positive. The pistol shoots well, is very reliable, and accuate for its intended purpose.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

S&W M&P 45acp

Sources: GunBlast, S&W press, Guns and Ammo Magazine

I’m not a big fan of Smith & Wesson, but my feelings for the gun maker are shifting. The M&P pistol line was created by S&W using the latest state of the art technology, user feedback and alot of research. The M&P45 model features a 4.5-inch barrel with an overall length of 8.05 inches. The full size pistols comes with a 10+1 capacity magazine, with an option for 14+1 capacity becoming available sometime in 2008. Featuring one of the smallest grip sizes available on any .45 ACP pistol, the M&P45 benefits from the addition of three interchangeable grips, allowing the user to customize grip size to their preference.
The M&P45 utilizes a steel dovetail mount front sight and a steel Novak® Lo-mount carry rear sight. Tritium sights are also available for low light conditions. A universal Picatinny style equipment rail has been incorporated for tactical lights and lasers. The polymer pistol has an empty weight of 29.6 ounces.The full size pistols feature a Zytel polymer frame reinforced with a ridged stainless steel chassis and a thru-hardened black melonite finished stainless steel barrel and slide for durability; a passive trigger safety to prevent the pistol from firing if dropped; and a sear release lever that eliminates the need to press the trigger in order to disassemble the firearm. A loaded chamber indicator is located on top of the slide. The firearm also features an ambidextrous slide stop and a reversible magazine release, as well as an enlarged trigger guard designed to accommodate gloves. The Smith & Wesson lifetime service policy is standard with each pistol.

The result is a state-of-the-art lightweight, reliable, and affordable auto pistol. They are priced right along with the Glock 21 and the Springfield XD. The Glock and XD have an ammo capacity advantage of three rounds, but the M&P has better ergonomics (vs. Glock) and a shorter pistol grip (vs. XD). The new kids on the block, Beretta Storm PX4 and FNP, have limited user feedback so its had to compare these two presently.

The M&P, like most utilitarian tools, are not things of classic beauty to hang on the wall and admire. They are cold, black, plastic guns, but they exceed in being able to accurately and quickly place a lot of bullets into a target at across-the-room distances. Much like the 1911 .45 auto pistol, the M&P points naturally (17 degrees), allowing the shooter to concentrate on the target, instead of the pistol. It is not a bull’s-eye target gun. It is a fighting pistol, although it does produce excellent results (sub-two-inch group) on a sandbag rest at 25 yards. The M&P .45 is a progression of the fighting pistol to fill the needs of the US Military and police forces.

In August of 2007, the M&P45 pistol was named "Handgun of the Year" from the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. Also, local and state police agencies have been selecting the M&P45 as their new sidearm of choice. These agencies include but are not limited to...

New Hampshire State Police and Highway Patrol Convert to Smith & Wesson M&P45, 08/20/07
Hartford, Connecticut Police Department replaces primary duty firearm to S&W M&P 45, 08/02/07

Other recent additions include:
· The Iowa State Patrol;
· Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Texas;
· Charles County Police Department in Maryland;
· New Castle Police Department in Delaware;
· Berkeley Police Department in California;
· Kenner Police Department in Louisiana;
· Rocky Mount Police Department in North Carolina;
· Brookline Police Department in Massachusetts;
· Hampden County Sheriff’s Office in Massachusetts; and
· The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in Wisconsin.

Considering it was introduced in January of 2006, that’s a pretty good list.

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